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Hells Gate can host events without disturbing ecological diversity, KWS

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has moved to allay fears from some Kenyans over an event that has been planned by one of the local media houses at the Hells Gate National Park for February 2020.

Kenyans, especially on social media platforms had questioned the effect such an event would have on the park’s ecosystem and the security of those attending from wild animals.

In a statement, KWS confirmed that this will not be the first event to be held in the park. KWS said there have been over 20 events held in the park over the years, ‘without significant damage to the biodiversity of the park’. It says compared to other wild-life based parks, “Hells Gate National Park is an activity based conservation and recreation facility renowned for cycling, rock climbing, horse riding, camping, walking, sight-seeing and event hosting.”

KWS further clarified that the park has sites designated for hosting events where insecurity and disturbance of wildlife is mimised.

“We also have clear regulations for the event organizers, including timing, noise levels and clean-up after events,” read part of the statement.

KWS says, as part of sustainability and mitigation of ecological footprint, some of the funds raised from events held within the park, are ploughed back to support conservation and community development.

“As the guardian of Kenya’s national parks, we reassure the public of our utmost commitment to maintaining the ecological integrity of these conservation and recreational facilities,” concluded the statement.

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